Helix Company
Details of land purchase
  • in the case of
     Rai or above
    Located in the mass transit area, including current
    BTS lines and the extension of BTS, MRT, and Airport Link
    (within 0-1 kilometer from BTS),
    or in the community area in Bangkok Metropolitan Region.
  • in the case of
    Housing Projects
     Rai or above
    Located in Bangkok Metropolitan Region.
  • in the case of
    30-Year Lease
     Rai adjacent to a road
    Located in the city area along BTS lines
    (Sukhumvit, Thonglor, Ekkamai, Sathorn, Aree).
Offering online 24 hours.
Land Offering Regulations
1. Land Information
Land offerors must specify all preliminary information of land, which include location of land, map demonstrating the location of land, land boundary, land size, offering price, and name-contact number of the offeror.
2. Channels of Land Offering
Main Channel
Website : http://www.helix.co.th
3. Data Management and Storage System
The Company has implemented the big data system for management and storage of land information, which will be considered in order; submission through the main channel will be first considered.
4. Process of Purchase
  • The Company will determine the conditions and timeframe of the sales and purchase process to achieve the objectives of land purchase. With that respect, land offerors are requested to collaborate and strictly comply with the process.
  • The Company reserves the right to discontinue its contact with any offeror whenever there are reasonable grounds to believe that the purchase of land will not be successful.
5. Good Corporate Governance
The Company adheres to the principles of business ethics and good governance, and thereby stipulates the anti-corruption policy to serve as operational guidance for directors, executives, and all employees of the Company.
6. Disqualification of Offerors
In the event that the offeror makes a false claim or engages in any act that causes damage to the Company, the Company reserves the right to immediately disqualify that offeror from land offering.
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Land Purchase by HELIX
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  • Ngan
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  • Sq.W.
    ตารางวา* (กรุณาระบุค่าไม่เกิน 99.99 ตาราวา)
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