To cope with labour shortages, Ananda Development has established a construction firm to take on one-third of its backlog. "This will support our investment plan in the future," Chanond Ruangkritya, president and chief executive officer of Ananda, said yesterday. Helix Co will be an independently run profit centre, capable of carrying out new and advanced technology, and led by chairman Suvit Kiat-samphan, a 40-year construction veteran, and CEO Chutha Prom-chinavongs

Started as a junior engineer in Hong Kong forty years ago. In 1974 after finishing Master Degree in USA, I went to work in Saudi Arabia, participated in many landmark projects. after some eight years in Saudi Arabia, I returned to Thailand in 1982 and joined Christiani & Nielsen, I was transferred to Chritiani & Holzmann in 1988, and two years later was Chief Engineer / Director of Philipp Holzmann (Thai), a subsidiary of Philipp Holzmann AG. Frankfurt, Germany.

Helix founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of Ananada Development Plc. with registered capital 89 million baht under purpose of applied pre-cast construction technology to its condominium and housing development system.

In 2015, Helix increase registered capital to 192 mil.baht in order to start the “Super Value Condo” project, budget condominium development, under UNiO brand which be priced within 35,000 baht/sqm.

In 2016, Helix has 6 construction contracts with value of 1,778 mil.baht ( 936 mil.baht from 2 Ananda projects and 842 mil.baht from 4 Non-Ananda projects) and 6 condominium projects with value of 8,627 mil.baht. Annual revenue realization expected at 2,609 mil.baht from both businesses (1,606 mil.baht from construction and 1,003 mil.baht from property development business)

Presently, Helix has been referred as the Integrated Developer company which being operate both construction and property development businesses in “Value segment” with target price within 70,000 baht/sqm. for condominium and 3 mil.baht/unit for townhouse.

In 2018, Helix aims to go public by register the company to SET according to plan of revenue realization 8,000 mil.baht and 10,000 mil.baht in 2018 and 2020, respectively.

Helix …… we are the “Integrated developer company” with full earnestness and dedications for achievements through cutting-edge construction technology to deliver the punctual masterwork in order to please our customers, business partners and the shareholders. We pursue consecutive high efficiency organization through excellence management and people also working process development at all time.

Helix is the worthy houses & condominiums developer in the liveable convenient locations with innovation and international standard of quality under customer centricity principle.